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I have missed so many great quotes but this is a collection of quotes since I first came online in 1998. But I thought you might like to check this out too. \m/! I promise no more posts today I have exhausted myself. ~+smile+~ Rocking Steady


"Kat Marco is my favorite guitarist of all time because of her work on Rebel Renegade. " 2015 Pia December

"Your vowels resonate amazingly... my gosh... that's hot... love the scream and just the touch of effects that accentuate your voice's nuance rather than dominate".. John Kentworthy 4/2014

"Wow! That's unique - I seriously don't think I've ever heard an augmented 8th before!! Loved it." 4/2014
"I think charlie dominici has modelled his first dream theater album on your voice" Pete Caldwell 3/28/2014

"Hey thanks for liking Silverbaxx! You are our first famous liker!" 2014

"Loved the download, Kat! I am very impressed! world class!" Joe Bear Divito 2014

"But you my FB friend are an Orchid among the roses!" 2013 Florida Two Wheel

"Wow! the haunting spoken vocals, the fabulous slow guitar tremolo feedback and overtones, the strong and delicate way lyrics are sung and spoken, the rhythm guitar kills in verse 2, anthemic chorus and haunting blends that makes me shiver. Your song is like a prayer for these souls."(Souls Of Deprivation) 2013 Michele Bunker
(Guitarist, Singer/Singwriter Music Instructor at Full Sail University)

"I like this MONARCH and the vocals are great.." 2012 Russell Jones

"Loved Monarch; It Rawked" 2012 Dusty Roads

"Kat Marco: The Original Rock Star"; 2011 Bridget J Brohman (Corporate Services at Ministry of Forest)

"When Kat Sings... Angels Cry" Kat's Guitar Solos With A Unique Elegance Gracious Style Unlike No Other Rides Upon The Wings Of Angels On It Sweet Journey To Heaven Above. Gently Rest In The Heart Of God" 2011 Chris Fu Finch (Writer of Scripts, Books and Words of Gracious Beauty)

"Kat you are playing the cool guitar" 2010 Michelle Bunker (Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter)

"Kat Marco's Music Is Wicked and Stays Up With The Times. It Evloves Throughout The Change Of Music. It Seems Natural To Her. Like an Timeless Elixer" James Slichter (Born Into Rock) March 7, 2010

"Listening To Kat Marco's Most Recent Two Recordings (One Of Which Is Not Out Yet) Is Like An Out Of Body Experience, The Songs Take You To Another place" Dorothy Wright (Songwriter) March 7, 2010

"I Don't Want To Love You Anymore, and Look To Me;The Thunder Song Are My Favorite Kat Marco Songs" Jessica O'Conner (Friend) February 6, 2010

"Looking Forward To The First Song Together With Kat Marco" June 04, 2009, Johnny Guitar (Country/Rock Artist)

"From The First Time I Heard The Music Of Kat Marco, I Fell In Love With Her. I Have Listened To Rock Music All My Life And She Sends Me!". June 08, 2009 Greg England

"Kat Marco defines what rock is." June 24, 2008 Graham Weinroth (Artist/Author)

"Kat Marco's music invades my mind and soul" Jason Hilton June 8, 2008

"I am a big Heart fan and feel Ann and Nancy Wilson would be very proud of the way Kat belts out Barracuda. When Kat released Maiden Voyage, Ann was in the studio at 101 WRIF in Detroit visiting with a friend Walt Fredricson and I got to speak to her on the phone, I mentioned Kat and Walt played a sample of her music. Ann said she is Hot! I agree." Capt Kev, DJ, Detroit Michigan, Dec 2007

"Kat's voice has become incredible" 2007
Doug Gibson (Guitarist, Dead Serios)

"I got the new CD, it's pretty good! The guitar is awesome!" Zech Connolly 2007

"Kat Marco's music is great, she is awesome!" Brian Nichols (New Listener) 2006

"Kat Marco songs all the way! Full of raw, naked passion and aggression, a staple of Kat`s music. From the near Gothic Reign Of The Diva to the Metallic I Ride The Wind, as well as the Hard Rock ballad You Hurt My Heart and the anthemic Once I Pull The Trigger [Is she the greatest or WHAT? Thanks a million, Kat; you are truly the Goddess Of Rock!]"

"Many years ago when I was a DJ for 106.9WNNO Wisconsin Dells Kat Marco and I really hit it off. She sent me some music and to this day I spin that first CD, "Maiden Voyage" and still think she is a rock goddess. I listened to some of the new songs and wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the Dream On remake! It is incredibile. I would love to feature some of these songs. Kat is a very talented and beautiful woman whose voice is incredible." 9-04-06
DAVE PARSONS DoubleD Entertainment

"Kat Marco female's best rock guitarist" Best Beats 2006

"Inducing dangerously high levels of euphoric Kat Marco sets the music" 2006
Nextel ringtone information site

"Kat Marco can sing like a goddess and shred like a legend" Johnny B 2003

"Kat Marco the Goddess of Rock indeed!" Crazy Eddie 1999

"Kat Marco is a new guitar goddess. Not only is she a good guitarist but she is also a very good singer."
French Connection 1998


released April 25, 2015


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Kat Marco Fort Mc Coy, Florida

Kat Marco, an official Grammy Voter, was one of the first female metal singers of all time releasing her first metal production in 1983, becoming a lead guitarist and songwriter/Producer continuing through 2018.

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